Remarkable Treasures is an Art Gallery in Rua Castilho, Lisbon. Showcasing a new concept in bringing together art through the ages from different cultures and continents and thereby creating a better understanding. It is an approach practised by Sir Claude Hankes throughout his life in his collecting and his contributions to major museums.

The Gallery is an opportunity to show art, with spirit and energy, through the ages, from a 3000 year old Mesopotamian vessel, a 18th Century Cambodian crowned life size Buddha to a masterpiece by the contemporary arts and silversmith Hal Messel to bronze clasped hands by Ian Rank Broadly to Teresa Lacerda whose work is also represented in the Ritz Collection. Many items have been in my or old collections for generations. It is an opportunity to share and for those who truly have a passion for these treasures and can afford to, to purchase.